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Bruce Choy was born in China, then moved with his family to Hong Kong at age four. In his youth, Choy was extremely passionate for two things: cutting hair and playing guitar. In 1969, he first began cutting hair at age fifteen while he attended the
Hong Kong Sea School. Two years later, he picked up his first guitar.

Cut hair for 630 students

During his time in school Choy recalls, “Three pupils, including [myself], together had to cut hair for 630 students. One teacher taught us the basics. We charged ten cents per head.” At the time he was taught and utilized the traditional barber’s style for haircutting; however, he was constantly on the lookout for new methods. He eventually went to England to study and becoming one of the first to learn the Geometric cut in the mid-1970s

San Francisco Flyingshears Salon
In 1982 with only $56 in his pocket, he moved to the United States to pursue his musical dreams. He studied at the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood, while working as a hairdresser to support himself. After finishing his studies in Hollywood, he decided to relocate to San Francisco to be closer with his family who had moved to the United States earlier. In 1993, he opened his own hair salon on Clement Street. The salon was Choy’s blood, sweat and tears; cushions for the seats and assembled the clocks he had all made.
Choy registered a domain name and named Scissorhands after the Johnny Depp’s film character, Edward Scissorhands, as his haircutting technique resembles the character’s cutting style. Constantly looking for new ways to cut hair, he customized his scissors so he could use several shears at once and developed his unique style of cutting. He later renamed the salon Flyingshears ® to reflect his innovative multiple scissors.  

Awarded Guinness World Record
Several years later, he won a Guinness World Record for the most scissors used simultaneously. His reputation grew as many articles were written about him and TV interviews done, showing off his technique and style. Despite this newfound fame, he longed for his childhood home.  In 2004, he sold his salon and returned to Hong Kong, where he continues to cut hair. Currently, Choy focuses on teaching his revolutionary technique. He produces his own Flyingshears
® websites, ebook, booklets, DVDs and Youtube videos to help explain his techniques. In addition, he also offers classes.

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