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ONE-on-ONE Private course

6 day training course with Bruce Choy
Flyingshears course is exciting since it is organized so intensive particularly fit to foreign learner who could not stay for long. You can schedule the course on a starting date whenever you intend to. Of course, you need to inform us first for a reservation to make sure that Master Bruce Choy is in Hong Kong.
The course fee is USD$4,000.00,
including a pairs of Triple-BC12 and all training materials. Training program will be arranged particularly for one-on-one private lectures and hand-on exercise. Course will be arranged in 6 consecutive days and each takes about 6-7 hours. The Flyingshears course is run directly by Master Bruce Choy, and covers all Flyingshears techniques and the implementing secrets for a success.

* Course Location:
One-on-One Training: Flyingshears Studio: Room 1803-1805 Workingfield Commerical Bldg. 408-412 Jaffe Road Causeway Bay, Hong Kong;
Advanced deposit of USD$500.00 per student is required and it will be deducted from the course fee;
Course Contents: 6 days class contents
Student & Stylist: Form:
More info:

Advanced deposit: USD$500.00

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Messages from Students

Name: Anna
. Occupation: Hairstylist, Experience: 8 years, Country: California USA
............... I really enjoyed the week of class with you. From the first day I walked into your salon I have wanted to learn the flying shears. For some reason I’m really
captivated by the whole concept that you invented. And I don’t understand why not more people have heard of it. Anyways, I am really happy that I got to meet you
again and thank you so much for teaching me your amazing technique..................-Anna-

Name: Victoria. Occupation: Hair color technician, Experience: 4 years, Country: California. USA
............. I had a great time in your flying shears class. It really opened up my mind to endless possibilities................ I had my moments of frustration and thinking
that I couldn’t do it. So hearing you say that motivates me even more. I did notice that as each day went on little bits of the training would click in my mind and
make sense. For example, the first day I could not understand the C shape concept. My hands and body just could not form that C shape. Then the next day came
and for some reason I got it. So the more I practice and get my hands use to it I see little parts coming together and making sense. ..........Your technique is amazing
and it is 100% the concept that I believe in. I have been looking for something like this. ........-Victoria-

Name: Amelia.
Occupation: Hairstylist, Experience: 3 years, Country: Philadelphia, PA USA
...........I want to say thank you for the course that you gave me, it was the best course ever !!! :) i love you...i love the technique...everything great... you are an
awesome teacher...unfortunately we only meet for 5 days, i need more :) hahaha....i haven’t try it yet to my client, Im still practicing from day 1 and 2 using left and
my right hand. After that i will start practice using 3 scissors. I’ll give you the update later.........................-Amelia-

Name: Kin C.
Occupation: Hairstylist, Experience: 1 years, Country: Maryland. USA
I’ve been practicing almost 3-4 days a week, 3-5hours a day on fake hair...have came to a conclusion that the ultimate reason to add layers, to do graduation,----
---------I never got to fully realise this until i got back to US, and after the death of my grandfather, that you not only taught me how to cut, you have taught me
something of higher importance...How to focus my mind and concentrate, and the virtues of patience and passion.Thank you. -Kin C.-

Name: Ward.
Occupation: Hairstylist, Experience: 29 years, Country: Portland, OR. USA
If your considering learning the Flyingshears technique and are concerned about the cost, time and travel, let me just say this... For me it seemed like a lot of money
to go to Hong Kong and before I left I even asked myself “am I doing the right thing”? Now that I’m back home and can look back at my experience I know that
even if the course were 100,000 dollars I would find a way to get there and do it... it is worth that and much, much, much more! Honestly! To my Friend Bruce...
Bruce Choy... You are a good man, a huge talent, a patient teacher, and your technique is going to change the way people cut hair.-Ward-

Name: Jason.
Occupation: Hairstylist, Experience: 44 years, Country:San Luis Obispo, California
In 44 years of doing hair in 5 countries and six states I have seen a lot.The flying shears technique is a totally different approach to doing hair in three dimensions.
Sculpting hair with your hands (both hands) and working on a form (hair) with a powerful tool like the triple shear is truly an artistic approach to designing and
molding hair. While one can watch a dvd and perhaps get stimulated,there is nothing like experiencing the actual act of cutting with this great tool. I do not have the
good fortune to be able to see anybody in this state doing the flying shears technique,but I keep myself stimulated by watching the dvd and practicing on my clients.
I hope to continue to grow into this method of working with hair,as it is great fun and continues to challenge my abilities as a hairdresser. -
Jason Pintel-